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5 Employee Benefits Which You Should Get Excited About

Don’t you all agree on the fact that “Benefits are an important way to attract and retain key talent”? If your employees don’t feel valued, even your customers won’t feel valued. There has been an ongoing conversation in the past few years regarding what benefits influence employees to continue with a particular job. These days employees want to make a decent living, but work-life balance and a great paycheck are equally important. The power of an impressive benefits package can actually make an employee accept or reject a job offer.


Employee Benefits In Top Companies


Below, we’ll mention 5 important things, which you should definitely include in your benefits package to appeal to job seekers, but before that remember that in order to find jobs with the best employee benefits, upload your short video resume on the Ohire video resume app, one of the best video interview platform in the country.

1. Work From Home

Work From Home


For 90% of the employees around the world, the most frustrating part of a working day is the time period when you require to commute to and fro from work. Being able to telecommute is something more exciting for us employees rather than commuting to faraway distances.
There are companies which allow their employees to work from home on certain days of the week. These organisations divide all the employees into certain sections and set up a work from home schedule for each of them.

Divide your company into 4 sections and start a rotating schedule.
If you say that

1. People in Section 1 get to work from home on the first Monday.

2. People in Section 2 get to work from home on the 1st Tuesday.

3. People in Section 3 get to work from home on the 2nd Wednesday.

4. People in Section 4 get to work from home on the 2nd Thursday.

This schedule can be rotated and changed as required.
Still wondering whether you should let your employees work from home or not? If you get to work in an office where you lose your holidays and vacation days for any day that you aren’t in the office, then you might start coming to the office even when you’re sick and get most of your co-workers sick as well. If the employees are permitted to work from home without being penalized, they’ll more likely work from home in a case where they are suffering from mild, infectious, communicable diseases like a cough and cold, hence your co-workers will remain safe and secure.

2. Health Programs

Health Programs


Health Benefits are the most common benefits of all. An employee who leads a healthy lifestyle and works hard to stay fit rarely suffers from illnesses. A fit employee is always less likely to develop health problems of any sort. You can implement different strategies in order to encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. These days companies open up onsite gyms and provide free membership to their own employees. A few companies also organize Zumba and other forms of fitness dance training sessions on a weekly or daily basis.
An interesting way to encourage fitness among employees is by asking them to use fitness bands and to track the fittest employee of the month. The fittest employee should get rewarded on behalf of the company.

3. Food

Food Benefits In Offices


In offices around the world, little boxes of doughnuts, instant noodles, finger fries and other snacks can bring a smile to the faces of millions of employees. A few companies also provide complete, full-meal service. Providing employees access to charming restaurants and cafeterias can be of major appeal for a potential employee. You can have special days dedicated to providing breakfast or lunch for the employees. These little perks will make your employees happy and they’ll feel taken care of.

4. Arrangement Of Educational Opportunities or Student Loan Reimbursement

Training Program In Office


Education is the stepping stone to success and every successful person will tell you that. Whether it’s in a classroom, in a conference room or learning during a job. If you’re in the corporate sector, you’ll realize that having properly trained and educated employees is very important. Every employee must have their basics clear and should have a good grasp of their craft. You can organize training or skill development programs and if that’s a bit too costly for you, then you can provide student loan reimbursements or opportunities for continued education. This will make your employees take part in various programs and courses, which will, in turn, be a benefit for your company as a whole.

5. Extended Holiday Breaks

Leave Benefits In Offices


None of the employees would like to take leaves for vacation when they are sick. Sick leaves are separate and casual leaves or earned leaves are separate. You can allow extended breaks after a holiday period for employees who stay away from home. Allowing extended holiday periods is one of the most beneficial and attractive benefits that a company can provide. You can just inform the employees to be on call, in case of any serious emergency. Paid Maternity leaves are important for the female employees of your company.

Taking care of your employees and being able to attract prospective employees is an art in itself. Every employee wants to be valued and cared for. Most of them love the fellow-feeling of belonging to a team. You can be a little creative and include interesting stuff in your employee benefits package to allure candidates with better calibre. The Ohire video resume app is the best platform to search for jobs with an end number of employee benefits.

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