Interesting Professions Where You Can Work With Kids

5 Interesting Jobs For People Who Love Working With Children

A famous saying reminds us that ‘Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded’.

Many of us are fond of children and we keep looking for a profession where we get the chance to work with little kids. These jobs are quite satisfying and rewarding, such jobs can add a spark to your otherwise boring day. There will be certain background checks before you can apply for these roles, as good character and integrity are 2 of the essential qualities that a person needs to possess, for jobs revolving around little kids.

Having a few extra professional qualifications in the fields of child psychology and health therapy will surely help you proceed further with these jobs. If you are a private tutor, a nanny, a therapist or a sports coach, you can upload a short video resume on the O’hire video resume app, to get hired for such professions.

Now, if you are up for the challenge, check out these top jobs:

1. Early Years Teacher

Early Years Teacher

Do you have the ability to support an entire class of children in their most early stage of development? Early Years refers to the initial stage of a child’s life before reaching primary school. The Early Years teaching process involves providing a secure space for children to prosper socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. You’ll be asked to assess, teach and monitor the children in various ways and fully prepare them for primary school. There are plenty of jobs for early year teachers available in kindergarten and nursery schools.

  1. Play Therapist

Play Therapist

Play therapy is a thoroughly entertaining profession. Play therapists, Art therapists and Music therapists work or play with kids at nursery schools or in private practice. The motive of play therapists is to use playfulness as a therapy to help trauma-stricken and shy kids deal with their day to day lives. They are usually employed by schools, children’s centres, fostering agencies, orphanages and mental health clinics.

3. Private Nanny

Private Nanny or Governess

The concept of a private nanny might be a little new in India, but it is quite prevalent in most of the other countries around the world. Try being a nanny for once, you’ll surely enjoy your stay with a new family. The benefits of being a nanny are just too many, you will receive free-accommodation, travel opportunities and a sense of belonging. You might have to deal with newborn children and look after them till they grow up to join the university, but you’ll gain valuable experience regarding how to deal with children. This can actually prepare you for many other children-oriented jobs.

4. Tutor

Private Tutor

If you have good command over a particular subject or you have some basic qualifications/degrees in a particular field, you can easily apply as a private tutor. Private tutors are freelance professionals and you can teach students either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. It will be really fun to spend time with the inquisitive kids and teach them all sorts of new and interesting things.

5. Sports Coach/ Dance Teacher/ Music Teacher

Sports Coach, Dance Teacher, Music Teacher

Have a passion for sports, dance or music? Making kids learn physical sports activities, singing or dancing will not only help the children master creative skills, but will sharpen your personal skills as well. You’ll be able to spend your time, doing something fruitful and innovative.

Spending Time With Children

Spending your precious time with innocent children and helping them become better citizens of the world will give you a strong sense of purpose and whenever you spend time with children, you can never be in a bad mood. Children tend to pick up things from their environment faster than adults, so be careful about that, and upload a short video focusing on your skills on the O’hire video resume app, to find plenty of new opportunities in the fields of health & social care, the arts, dance, sports etc.

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