Finding A Job In A Foreign Country

8 Practical Tips To Keep In Mind Before Taking a Job In Another Country

Jobs might fill our pockets, but adventures can actually fill up our souls. What if your passion for adventure coincides with an opportunity to work abroad.

Many of us want to work for foreign companies, in order to earn in dollars or pounds. Getting out of your comfort zone and going abroad for work, is an adventure in itself, but before taking a leap, you need to keep some important pointers in mind.

Tips For Taking A Job In Another Country

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1. Tap Into Unpublished Sources:

Social Media, The Best Way To Look For Jobs.

According to research conducted by the University of California, only 10 to 20% of job postings are published on websites and certain other online job platforms. So it’s always better to start looking for the best job opportunities right from the time when you’re in your home country. Most importantly, stop relying completely on classified advertisements and websites. You should rather take help of word-of-mouth advertising and networking events. Even social media is a great asset to look for newer opportunities.

2. Language:

Learning A Foreign Language.

Learning the local language before flying off to the new country is of utmost importance, as language can be a big issue in the workplace. Failing to comprehend basic things might get you into a lot of trouble. To get the local lingo of the natives, start with the basics. First of all, start learning the simple greetings and phrases like Good Morning, Good Afternoon etc. Ask the locals to help you learn the language.

3. Get Acquainted With Foreign Media

Foreign Media For Jobs Abroad


You should remain updated about the foreign media sources especially during the time period when you are actively looking for jobs abroad. Doing so will inform you about all the latest industry trends, current affairs etc. Even if there’s a current affairs round in the interview process, you’ll be able to answer all the questions.

4. Work Visa

Work Visa

A work visa is essential for a candidate to start working in a foreign country. Don’t forget to check your work visa carefully, after it has been issued to you because each country has a different kind of work visa. At times, what happens is that you might get fired and you would have to immediately return back to your country. If such a case ever arises, then it should be the responsibility of your employer to help you obtain the visa and relocate to the new country.

5. Do Proper Research

Do Proper Research Before Finding A Job Abroad

Spend some time researching about all the foremost companies in your industry. Look for the ones which particularly hire expatriates. It’s been proven that 31% interviewers like hiring highly motivated candidates, who take initiative on their own. You should be crystal clear in your head and properly know about your company.

6. Credit Card

International Credit Cards

If you are not using a credit card that is internationally accepted, then make sure that you apply for it before moving out. In a foreign country, you can always contact financial institutions for help regarding credit cards.

7. Browse Through The Country Job Sites

Browsing Through A Country's Job Sites.

Browse through all the relevant country job sites and get familiar with the most popular ones. This will help you expand your job search remotely. With help of the Ohire video resume app, you can get hired for jobs by clients or agencies situated in any country around the globe. There are also job boards for expatriates, who want to work abroad. If you come across such boards, do find them out and use them.

8. Perfect Your Skype Skills

Skype Skills

Its natural that you won’t be jetting around the globe for interviews, so its compulsory for you to learn how to nail a Skype interview. Be sure to test your camera, use a neutral background and look just as polished as you would in person, present yourself formally no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Don’t let the excitement of settling down in an unknown country, make you forget about these important factors. You might also work for a foreign agency or company remotely from home. Working abroad is fun. Stay chilled and make sure you follow all these standards carefully. The Ohire video resume app is always there to help you get hired by the topmost agencies.

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