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Bored Of Your Job? Try Pursuing These Fun Jobs In 2019

With the start of the New Year, many job-seekers try to begin a new chapter in their professional lives, some of us try learning new skills, some try switching jobs, a few of us are completely bored of working in the same profession year in and year out, hence we think of trying our hand at various other unconventional and fun professions.

Engineering, Marketing, Business Development etc are pretty standard roles, but if none of these appear exciting, you can try your hand at exploring these cool occupations which are becoming quite prevalent these days. In case you are looking for such employment opportunities, browsing through any employment portal will not help. Install Ohire and start using it, to get recruited for the best jobs.


  • Power Line Helicopter Pilot

Powerline Helicopter Pilot


Remuneration: $ 101 K

Job Description: A power line helicopter pilot needs to fly quite close to the powerlines to check them carefully through the cameras attached to the helicopter.

Requirements: Genuine Helicopter Pilot License with 2000 hours of flying.

  • Crossword Puzzle Writer

Crossword Puzzle Writer

Remuneration: $ 70 K

Job Description: Plan and Construct Crossword Puzzles for Newspapers

Requirements: The talent to create a puzzle in an appropriate fashion and with an extensive vocabulary.

  • Video Game Player

Video Game Player

Remuneration: $50K

Job Description: Help other players climb up to higher levels in the games.

Requirements: A never-ending love for Video Games.

  • Voice-Over Artist

Voiceover Artist

Remuneration: $ 80K

Job Description: A voice-over artist needs to lend his/her voice to commercials and voiceovers for brands, T.V, film etc.

Requirements: There aren’t any particular qualifications as such, but certain courses are available. Taking these courses can help polish your skills.

  • IceCream Taster

Ice-Cream Taster

Remuneration: $60K

Job Description: This isn’t a full-time job. You need to assess ice-creams in terms of Taste, Texture, Smell, Colours, Flavours etc.

Requirements: You might love ice-creams, but a degree in food-science is more important for this job.

  • Sommelier (Wine Taster)

Wine Taster

Remuneration: $51K

Job Description: Offer recommendations to the clients, travel around the world to different vineyards and meet winemakers.

Requirements: Training and certification programmes along with several years of training.

  • Food Stylist

Food Stylist

Remuneration: $77K

Job Description: Food Stylists require to create and decorate food for advertisements and magazine shoots.

Requirements: It’s always great if you take certain courses and qualifications but more than courses, you need to be passionate about good food and have a creative knack.

  • Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

Remuneration: $140K

Job Description: Ethical Hackers are recruited by Government organisations and security firms to help construct ways to keep hackers out their systems.

Requirements: You need to hold a relevant qualification to meet the additional requirements of GCHQ’s Check Scheme.

  • Disneyland Face Character

Disneyland Face Character

Remuneration: $32K

Job Description: Ever heard of a Disneyland Face Character before? The job of a Disney Face Character involves dressing up and playing the role of any random famous Disney Character.

Requirements: A good height and impressive physical appearance along with the ability to impersonate a fictional character. Your appearance and personality should be able to make the children feel happy.


Well, now you know about these awesome jobs that you had no idea ever existed. Which out of these jobs did you love the most? Let us know in the comments. To find more such jobs, create a short video resume, as a video resume is always the best way to showcase your talent. Upload it on video resume apps like Ohire to discover better opportunities.

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