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You Can Discover The Most Interesting Professional Opportunities With The Exciting Ohire App

While applying for jobs, would you prefer standing out from the crowd by showing your talent through a short video or would you follow the age-old tradition of preparing a boring paper resume, which most of the recruiters don’t have the time to go through?

Ohire Video Resume App

It doesn’t matter which profession you belong to, whether you are a Dancer, a Singer, a YouTuber, a Comedian, a Scuba Diver or from any other wacky profession, you can simply upload your video on the Ohire video resume App and get hired for your dream job.
The best thing is that now you won’t have to hunt for boring jobs on job portals. You can easily get hired for the job that you love on a single click.

Let’s check out the super-attractive, new features for the updated Ohire app below.

  1. Bring Out Your Hidden Talent (For Candidates)

Express Your Creativity Through A Video Resume.

Show the recruiters, what qualities make you awesome. As a candidate what are the special factors within you, that give you the extra spark?, In short, ‘What exceptional qualities do you possess, which influence the recruiters to hire you before anybody else?? There can be no better way to express your outstanding skills, than through a short and impressive video. You can easily stand out from the crowd by recording a quick video intro. This helps make better judgements in the initial stages of an interview and saves a lot of time and resources.

2. You Get To Choose What You Love (For Candidates)

Choose A Job That You Love

These days, it’s not always necessary to work full-time. You can easily pursue some other interesting job alongside your full-time professional career. The best thing about the Ohire App is that, with the Ohire App, you get an option to choose in between Full Time, Part Time/Internship and Freelancing. Students and people who are preoccupied with other jobs can easily select Part-Time, Internship or Freelancing, whereas the others can choose Full Time.

3. Get Notified About Views, Likes & Check Out The All-New Interactive Chat Feature (For Candidates And Recruiters Both)

Get Notified About Profile Views, Likes And Chat

The impressive chat feature is a new addition to our bag and the coolest thing about it is that you’ll immediately get notified, whenever someone checks out your profile. The chat option is visible next to the ‘Pitch Status’. You can directly approach the recruiters and the recruiters who are impressed by your video will straightaway talk to you via the “Chat” feature.

4. Save Your Precious Time, Efforts & Money (For Candidates and Recruiters Both)

Don't waste time, money & efforts. Get hired the Easy Way!

You can shortlist the most talented candidates, not just on the basis of skills but most importantly on the basis of personality, temperament, attitude towards work, dedication etc. There is no better way to get proper insight into a candidate’s ability than through a short visume. It saves you from the tension of fixing the first round of interview, which is a benefit for both the recruiter as well as the candidate. Swipe “Up” or “Down” through the videos to select the best candidate.

5.  Hire Suitable Talent Anytime, Anywhere At The Tap Of A Button (For Recruiters)

Hire Candidates Anytime, Anywhere On The Click Of A Button.Now the recruiters can hire accomplished candidates on the go, at simply the tap of a single button. You can contact desirable candidates through the ‘Call’, ‘Message’ or ‘Chat’ features. It doesn’t matter whether you are busy or not, you can always hire suitable candidates according to your requirement or preference.

6. Stay In Touch With Real-Time Text Messages (For Candidates And Recruiters Both)

Stay In Touch With A Candidate Or Recruiter Through Real Time Text Messages.

This feature is most convenient for the recruiters, who can stay in touch with the candidates during the interview process, as both the parties have a lot of questions to ask each other and keeping in touch with real-time text messages is an excellent way to track the entire hiring process as well as know more about each other. The recruiter can ask the candidate questions related to his field or know more about his skill sets, whereas the candidate can get to know more about the company or agency.
Download The Ohire App And Get Hired Faster Than You Can Imagine.So, what are you waiting for? Come, Express Yourself and get Connected to newer and better professional opportunities with the all-new Ohire App. Video Interview is slowly taking over the traditional interview process. More and more people are getting over the old-school job search procedures and going for the video resume option. In the future, most recruiters will prefer browsing through a short and impressive introductory video in the initial stages of candidate selection rather than fixing several rounds of written and face-to-face interviews.

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