Know How To Hire The Best Interns For Your Business

Haven’t we all heard the famous saying that “The Expert In Anything Was Once Just A Beginner”? To become an expert professional, we all need to start our journey as an intern. Holidays are the best time for college students to sharpen up their professional and interpersonal skills. Short internships are the best way to achieve that.

The winter and the summer break in colleges is the perfect time of the year when organizations of all sizes, from small start-ups to MNCs provide profitable opportunities to students. The motive behind these programs is to grant the next batch of hires with a chance to learn what it’s actually like to contribute to a real work environment.

It allows organizations to fix their expectations from the company beforehand and prepare them for the hurdles that lie in front of them.

If you’re the Human Resource Representative or Talent Acquisition expert staring at a lengthy list of candidates to select your interns from, we’ve got some expert advice for you! Check out our opinions on what it takes to hire a worthy intern.


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You can start posting jobs on Ohire, a Video Interview App. Candidates can directly apply to these job posts by sending their video applications. After that, you can check out these videos and judge the candidate’s communication skills, attitude, talent, confidence etc which can’t be done through a Paper Resume.


Do Thorough Research

  • Knowing your basic requirements properly is essential to find a suitable intern. You need to know whether they’ll be available for the whole internship duration or not.
  • Whether you want to offer any compensation or stipend for their work? Note down all this information- so that you can find the perfect fit.  Do confirm that they meet most of your requirements to prevent any trouble during the internship.


Check The Candidate's Commitment Towards Work

  • At times, candidates say all kinds of things just to grab an internship opportunity. You need to properly check if their actions back their words. Ask them whether they’ll be able to deliver any previous work sample or references from their college lecturers who know about their professional worth.
  • You must ask them about their past project or internship records, personal achievements etc. After all, you are searching for a candidate who won’t just take the initiative but will go through everything in detail. Their commitment to work is of greater importance than anything else.


Desire To Learn

  • The first agenda of an internship is to help the intern in the skill-construction process and help him/her get to know more about the professional world. That’s why the most ideal candidate would be a person who would learn more than they are taught. They take the responsibility on their shoulders to learn new stuff every day.
  • They must be able to step out of the comfort zone, adjust to the outside world and learn new things. You can track their thought process with some case studies. -It’s not necessary that you’ll receive the correct answers, but the interns should be open to exploring the undiscovered territory.


Passion For Work

  • Search for certain special qualities the candidate has, that you can enhance. Check what all teams need help that can be fulfilled by the interns. Whether or not these interns are able to bring about their fresh ideas to your workplace.
  • Question Yourself- Can I nurture this candidate while they are taking on their journey from amateur to professional- if yes, then how? You must be clear about that. Even if the intern is a fresh pass out from college, you need to look for someone who’ll come to the forefront and take responsibility. Doesn’t matter whether its a small responsibility or a large one.


Are The Candidate's Suitable For Your Company

  • The intern you choose must be someone who fits in and understands your company’s culture. You can provide them with knowledge and help them gain new skills, but the work culture will remain the same and the new candidates should naturally be able to adjust to the new environment.
  • Their personalities, tastes and interests should match- otherwise, they won’t be able to conduct themselves properly in the work environment.

It’s usually always the best to properly understand your intern’s strengths before you really consider them for the internship. Want to find talented interns for a thrilling role at your workplace, this summer? Browse through the candidate videos on Ohire the best Video Resume App and select the most perfect candidate.

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