Remote Working

Now Finding A Remote Job Is Easier Than Before

We all wish to wake up every morning knowing that there isn’t any traffic to compete with, any fight on public transportation or any rush to get dressed, have breakfast etc, but that is not possible for those of us who aren’t working from home. Those who work from home can lead a comparatively laidback and peaceful life.

If you’re not in a hurry to rush to the office, you can spend a good amount of time in the gym, take time to cook and eat breakfast, talk on the phone etc before actually starting with your work shift.

Working remotely is no more just a dream. Only a little bit of research work will take you a long way and help you find your dream job.

Wondering where to find remote jobs? Just uploading a short Video Resume on the Ohire app will help you go a long way and always remember to keep in mind these 4 vital points while searching for jobs.

Learn More About Careers That Support Remote Work

Work From Home Jobs

  1. The secret to discovering a high-paying remote position is recognising what all job titles and special skills you require to have in order to work from a remote location. In Information Technology (IT), Healthcare, Customer Service, Project Management, Advertising and Recruiting, you can most often work remotely.
  2. Never forget that for most high-paying remote jobs, it’s absolutely compulsory for you to know how to use webinar technologies, online database systems and document repositories.

Make Proper Use Of Remote Job-Search Keywords

Remote Job-Search Keywords

  1. While looking for remote jobs, you’ll come across an end-number of companies using different terms to explain remote working. Make note of these keywords and use them individually to find all kinds of positions that may fall under the remote work umbrella.
  2. Identifying the right keywords will help you pair them with relevant jobs.

Take Care Of The Location Restrictions

Location Restrictions For Remote Jobs

  1. Usually what happens is this that most job sites and apps use your location to filter out the list of available jobs in your city or state, but while looking for remote jobs, you must double check to confirm that you don’t fill up this field. Otherwise just fix it to “Remote”.
  2. This will help you receive relevant results. After all, if you are working from a remote location, most of the companies will not require you to reside in the same state or country as the company’s headquarters. You can work from any part of the world.

Create Remote Job Alerts

Remote Job Alerts

  1. Usually, the best job sites and apps like Glassdoor, Ohire, Naukri etc allow you to create job alerts which notify you about new job openings based on a particular job title, salary or location. These alerts might all of a sudden pop up as daily/ weekly emails or notifications on your phone.
  2. Another great idea that you can implement is this that you can create an alert for every keyword or job title used earlier so that you can get updated whenever the recruiters post these jobs.

The secret to finding happiness in your career is doing what works the best for you. If you are comfortable to work from home in your pyjamas so that you can look after both your family and work, you’ll need to spend a couple of hours every day on employment websites and job apps like Ohire, searching for opportunities and applying to them, only then can you start enjoying working from home.

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