Ohire- Your Favourite Video Resume App Is Back With Some New Features

In today’s fast-paced world, you need to do something different to stand out from the crowd. A Video Resume is the best medium to get noticed in the professional world.

Since the Ohire app has launched, people have started realising the benefits of a Video Resume over a Paper Resume. Within a year Ohire has become one of the most trusted Video Resume based job search portals.

A Video Resume comes along with innumerable benefits for both the employers and the employees that are next to unimaginable with the help of a Paper Resume.

Till now the Ohire app had plenty of cool features for both the recruiters and the candidates, but currently, we are coming up with a superb web-version of the app and you’ll find the old app decked up in a brand new avatar with some extremely helpful features.


These days a Video Resume is more effective than a Paper Resume!

On Ohire you can introduce yourself to the recruiters through a professional video resume. A recruiter gets to judge a candidate’s talent, confidence, communication skills etc better through a video.

A job search app can never be complete until and unless the recruiters get to create jobs and post job vacancies. On the other hand, a candidate needs to get detailed information about a company and the vacancies, they should be able to apply with a video application. These features are the lifelines of a video-resume based job-search app.

That’s why we are introducing some new features to our well-loved VIDEO RESUME app Ohire.

Read the blog to know how the all-new Ohire App works.


Add A Short Video Intro

Add Your Video On The Ohire App

Open the O’hire app, go to the menu option and select add your video to upload your short and impressive video intro.

Record An Impressive Video

Record Record An Impressive Video Resume

The video that you upload should be short and impressive. It must properly express your potential, attitude, confidence and communication skills.

Add Your Profile Details

Fill In Your Profile Details On The Ohire App

Fill in your profile details like skills, location, type of job (full time, part time or work from home) and save all the information.

Check Different Company And Recruiter Profiles

Check Company Or Recruiter Profiles

Click on the jobs button and browse through the list of companies and recruiters. You can check the company details and the jobs posted by them. More than that you can view the recruiter details as well.

Check Out Company Videos

Know More About The Company Culture

Companies will post videos showcasing the company culture and work environment. Candidates can watch these videos and decide whether they want to join the company or not.

Apply On Jobs Of Your Choice

Apply On Jobs Of Your Choice

Check out the jobs section, if you like any of the jobs, you can easily apply by sending your video application. Recruiters will shortlist or hire you based on your video.

Get Hired For Your Dream Job

Get Hired For Your Dream Job

Now sit back and relax, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Interested recruiters will directly call you, chat with you or message you regarding the further interview process.


Register As A Recruiter

Register As A Recruiter On The Ohire App

While registering into the Ohire App through FB, Google+ or LinkedIn, you can choose whether you want to register as a candidate or a recruiter. If you like a candidate’s video and want to get connected to the candidate, you can’t do it without registering as a recruiter.

Analyse A Candidate’s Talent

Analyse A Candidate's Talent As A Recruiter

Watch the candidate videos or video applications on your job post to analyse the candidate’s talent.

Shortlist Candidates

Shortlist Candidates Of Your Choice

Swipe up the candidate video to check a Candidate’s Portfolio. If you like the portfolio, you can shortlist the candidate and go through his/her portfolio in the shortlist section later.

Post Job Vacancies

Post Jobs As A Recruiter

As a recruiter, you can create job vacancies and post them. Don’t forget to mention the salary, Part Time, Full Time, Freelancer status, Job Description and skills required.

Hire Candidates

Hire Candidates Of Your Choice

Hit the HIRE icon, a pop-up showing the Call, Message, Chat and Portfolio options appear. Click according to your preference in order to get connected to the candidates for the further hiring process.

With the Ohire video resume app, find out what you like doing best and get paid for it. Ohire can entirely change your professional life. It will give you the chance to choose from amongst the endless career opportunities, which are not common on any other employment website or app.

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